As we are well versed and learnt that in present scenario social media is inevitable aspect of business. When it comes of editing videos for social media the best way to get initiated is that one should be pro active. Video editing is the need of the hour for better visibility and productivity.

Videos are the powerful tool and source for marketers, with an audio-visual impact individual are more comfortable to comprehend the concept. Clarity of product is more effective. After watching videos individuals feel more relaxed and their senses.

Intro videos are very useful for short introduction of the products, features, benefits. The duration of the video is not more than 60 to 90 seconds. Marketers used different forms such as animation, illustration for promotional and product understanding.

If marketers feel and desire to create an everlasting impact on the minds of viewers, so it is necessary to incorporate Intro Videos.

Benefits are as follows:

Engagement with viewers

Good Navigation- Provides Guidelines and directions

Helps in search engine rankings

First piece of the products

Brand awareness and image building


Explainer videos is also known as animated videos; the prime base of this video is to provide business ideas, concepts in simple and engaging ways in an attractive form. While making explainer videos, we need to keep some facts in mind such as characters should be in animated form, it gives different kind of connection and relationship with an audience. Music should be appealing, appropriate with products. The videos should be of best quality with high pixels. Videos should provide short, simple and crisp information, relevant with the target audience.

The major benefits are as below:

Quick and easy understanding of Business

Enhancement in online performance and visibility

Enhancement in conversion rates

Brand building of the product


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