Chat bots are in demand for resolving queries and concerns of esteem clients. It is popularly known as Conversational bot, interactive agent / Artificial Spy entity. This approach is basically a computer program which works via auditory or textual methods. It majorly works on dialogue systems for varied purposes.

The pioneer of the same is Michael Mauldin. It can be used and classified in e-commerce via chat, customer support, design tools, developers’ tools, finance, entertainment, education, HR, Marketing, travel, sports.

This is Simulation method and determines how the human brain /human behavior will respond, react in particular situation.

It is used to build interactive and personal relations with customers.

Major Benefits:

No limitations of time, it can be used anywhere and is available 24*7

Manages human relations and Interactive tool

Saves finances

Complete satisfaction to the customers

Repeats the tasks automation

Chat bots search find out the keywords to respond and used, natural language, processing system
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