In this Robotic era, dependency on robots is in upfront and more demanding in nature. One of the renowned devices with the name of ALEXA is the common household names across the earth. It is Amazon cloud-based voice-based service available; it is with help of ALEXA, we can interact, shares joys and express our emotions. It includes VUI (Voice User Interface) to understand the needs of its user.

It works in the following way:

ASR and NLU –Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural language understanding

Native and Customer voice interfaces

It is available in multiple languages

Multi model Input and response

We can Alexa can be developed in Business, Finance, Communication, Movies, Games, weather, sports, shopping, education, lifestyle, home services, health, fitness, travel and transportation.

Alexa is a device which can be built in fire tablet; fire TV, Echo family of devices. It can accept our request i.e. Need information from website; we can comment and integrate Alexa to order a car from Ola, order online food from Zomato, Domino’s Pizza.

Alexa can be used for games, especially for this Custom Skill set is required. Some other instances where we can use the service of Alexa are in frequent and regular in nature such as Cloud enabled smart home devices i.e. turn off lights, regulation of lights in intense and dim mode, to change the color and shades of the light, to change the channel of the TV. We require Smart Skill APIs for the same.

Alexa can also be used in video services, to play a movie, to select TV channel, to pause or rewind the channel, we require Video Skill API for the same.

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